About AD Plus
AD Plus Co., provides service in the comprehensive range of professional PCB manufacturing.

According to product of versatility, AD Plus is with professional CAM engineers and process expertise, enabling prompt and accurate PCB manufacturing which meets with customer needs, together with strict quality control that contributes to more time- and costs-saving for the customer. We are specifically known in the PCB industry as being capable of providing versatile high efficiency services including Double-layer/Multi-layer PCBs, ceramic/aluminum substrate PCBs, as well as flexible FPCBs. Besides, AD Plus also involves in SMT and traditional DIP business.

Future perspectives, AD Plus services the customer based on a sincerity-hearted spirit for actively developing new processes and continuously maintaining group cooperation, so that competitive products can be produced in all aspects including quality, price, service and delivery, with the expectation of gaining recognition of the industry and jointly accomplishing an everlasting business with the customer.
Service contents:
  • Professional PCB manufacturing, single layer, double layer and multi-layer (included prototype, pilot and mass production).
  • In coordinate with R&D, speedy new products and projects development.
  • Short delivery to meet the time in market.
  • Non-Lead integration in production process.
  • Never stop searching high quality.
  • Reasonable price will always fulfill customers’ satisfactory.

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